My journey.

I am Aleena, founder of Lakula and your healthy home specialist.

My journey towards Building Biology was a natural progression where my love and passion for health and homes are combined all in one. As a Radiographer I see so many patients suffering with ailments and diseases along with the copious amounts of money poured into the healthcare system.

If I can help my clients prevent illness in the first instance, rather than helping Doctors diagnose and treat…then wahoo I’m kicking goals. After all, if we don’t make time for health, then we are forced to make time for illness.

Let’s be real…no one is perfect, everyone has a budget to work with, and not everyone will have the same health or environmental goals as each other. This journey will be different for everyone, but I hope I can empower and encourage you to keep going!

Tell me more …

My backstory

Originally a country girl who grew up in a home built in the early 1920’s, surrounded by sheep, cattle and wheat crops. Far from your typical “healthy home” environment – consisting of lead paint and all the other associated health hazards that come along with farm life, such as pesticides, dipping and drenching chemicals, ryegrass, and paddock dust. Although my childhood memories consist of chamomile baths to soothe my eczema after horse riding and trips to the hospital when my asthma was getting difficult to manage, I am still grateful for the experiences I had growing up on the land.

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at an early age and going through two miscarriages, I often wondered why? Where was I going wrong? When I started on my own healthy home journey, I realised how overwhelming this topic can be, but rest assured it’s all the small incremental changes that can make a big difference. I now understand that health and wellness does not just start and stop with a yoga class or eating well. We need to start by looking at our environment and how external factors are affecting our bodies.

Training and accomplishments.


I hold an Advanced Diploma of Building Biology through the Australian College of Environmental studies (ACES). In addition, I am a certified Mould Testing Technician and EMF Testing Technician. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Medical Radiation Science and have been working as a Radiographer and Mammographer for over 10 years.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Radiation Science
  • Advanced Diploma in Building Biology
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Diploma in Colour Therapy
  • Diploma in Feng Shui
  • Diploma in Remedial Massage
  • Cert III in Beauty Services

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