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Building Materials & Design Services

Are you seeking to build for Health? … or Sustainability? … or attempting to tackle both? When designing, building, or renovating, we can make smarter choices for human health and for the future of our planet. Lakula can work alongside you, your builder, or your architect to help guide you through design decisions and healthy building material choices. If your team’s goals, beliefs, and aspirations align – then you know you have your ‘A-Team,’ which will set you up for a successful build.

Lakula is happy to offer guidance or assistance throughout any stage of your building journey, however it is ideal to engage a Building Biologist during the planning and design stage, as making changes on paper is far cheaper than making changes once construction starts.
Some of the key items we can address include:

  • Building site analysis (eg. proximity to external hazards)
  • Water filtration options
  • Paint selections
  • Fixtures & finishes (eg. blinds, lighting etc.)
  • Placement of household wiring to reduce your exposure to EMFs)
  • Location/placement of electrical appliances

  • Insulation choices
  • Weather resistant barriers (aka building/house wraps)
  • Heating and cooling options
  • Ventilation systems
  • Window selections

Services can be adapted for your own personal building or renovating needs.

* Please note a sustainable or “green” building material does not necessarily mean it is good for human health, therefore it is always important to consider your building goals.


Mould & Moisture Audit

75% of mould spores are non-viable (dead) however they can still wreak havoc with our health and can be present without being visible to the naked eye.

Water damaged buildings can become a chemical stew of biotoxins and mycotoxins which have been linked to a range of chronic health issues such as fatigue, asthma, allergies and respiratory infections. Mould has a tendency to hide in walls, furnishing and under carpet which may go unnoticed. Our goal is to find the source of moisture and recommend ways to remove the fungal particulates; because where there is mould – there is moisture. To enable us to get the full picture, we start with an extensive history of the occupants and the building, followed by a visual inspection utilising state of the art testing equipment and finally, acquiring and analysing laboratory samples (if required). You will be supplied with a comprehensive written report along with recommendations on how to mitigate any issues. If your home or business has had major water events causing significant flooding, or you are concerned about visible mould or damp/musty odours then get in touch for an M&M audit.


Electromagnetic Field Audit

In today’s world we are blanketed with man-made electromagnetic fields and our exposure is only going to increase with advancements in technology. There are a multitude of EMF sources, including power lines/transmission lines, mobile phone towers, baby monitors, electrical wiring, iPads, laptops, smart meters, DECT (cordless) phones etc.

We need to adopt the precautionary principle when dealing with EMFs because nobody knows what the long term health effects are, especially on our children who are more susceptible to radiation. Our current EMF standards are not “health based” standards. EMF exposure limits are meaningless unless we account for the long term low level chronic exposures we receive every day. There are over 2,000 peer reviewed studies showing non-thermal biological effects occur well below the set “safety” standards. This includes DNA damage, oxidative stress, increasing the blood brain barrier, as well as having negative effects on fertility, just to name a few.

Many countries such as Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Israel and China have all set exposure limits 100 to 10,000 times less than Australia.

Since 2015 France has banned WiFi in childcare centres and schools catering for children under the age of 6, in the bid to reduce their exposure to electromagnetic wave radiation.

Lakula focuses on identifying and testing EMF sources in and around your home, especially in the areas where you spend the most time. We offer simple and effective solutions to reduce your exposure.

We can test for:

  • AC Electric fields
  • AC Magnetic fields
  • Radiofrequency radiation (27MHz-10Ghz). This includes the current 5G spectrum.
  • Dirty electricity (DE)/electromagnetic pollution: High frequency spikes that interrupt the normal flow of standard 50Hz AC power. This is unusable power which emanates around your home increasing the EMF radiation.


Indoor Air Quality Audit

Indoor air is directly related to the health and comfort of the building occupants and given that we spend 90% or more of our time indoors (EPA, 2021) it is important to consider the quality of air that we breathe.

Studies have shown that good indoor air quality in the workplace and schools can increase productivity and performance and help to contribute to the health and wellbeing of individuals.

How fresh is the air you breathe? And how do you feel in your indoor space?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air pollutants can be 2-5 times higher than outdoor air. Our homes and buildings are filled with allergens, chemicals, plastics, furnishings and paints that can seriously compromise our indoor air quality.
We can test for a range of comfort factors such as temperature and relative humidity, and other indoor air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide (CO), and carbon dioxide (CO2).


Drinking Water Quality Audit

Healthy drinking water is vital for life, therefore water filtration is a necessity not a luxury. There can be a myriad of contaminants present in our drinking water such as pesticides, chlorine, heavy metals and sediment affecting the taste, odour and colour of our water.

Drinking filtered water that’s free of harmful toxins and contaminants will also support your kidneys during their detoxification process.

As the skin is the body’s largest organ and is another pathway of absorbing toxins, we also like to address the water used for washing and bathing. It can play a huge role in skin health, and can contribute to red and irritated eczema.

If you wish to know what contaminants are present in your water, we can carry out appropriate sampling which will be analysed at a NATA accredited laboratory; however advice can be provided on water filtration options without this additional testing.

Colour my world.

Colour & Paint Selection

Whether you are selecting a new colour palette for your home or workplace, Lakula can advise on a range of natural and non-toxic paint selections and colours. We try to avoid that “freshly painted smell” and select low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints. Say goodbye to headaches, dizziness and nausea.

Colour plays a huge role in how we feel and behave in certain spaces, and it is just as important in a healthy home as natural light and good indoor air quality. Colour should be used in a conscious and mindful way to help create environments that are supportive to human health and wellness.

VOCs are carbon based gases that easily evaporate at room temperature. Technically any paint that has under 5 grams per litre can be labeled as zero or no VOC in Australia. There are always going to be very small trace elements of VOC and semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in the minerals mined for tint manufacturing. Darker colours will produce more VOCs.

Growing bubba.

Healthy Environments for Newborns

Do you need help creating a safe environment for your newborn or want to ease the environmental burden on your children? There are critical windows of development when the foetus is vulnerable to hazards, and we help mum and bub to eliminate them as much as possible. The reality is that children are more susceptible to toxins for a number of reasons, and we should not treat them like adults. Allow Lakula to advise you on the impact of electromagnetic fields, toxins, indoor pollutants, allergens, and mould on your little ones. This service is also helpful prior to family planning.

Kit & caboodle.

Complete Healthy Home Audit

This is the most comprehensive onsite home or workplace assessment. It covers all aspects of building biology including electromagnetic fields, mould, allergens, indoor air quality, heavy metals and other toxic exposures. You will be provided with a detailed report along with images, outlining your potential exposures to environmental hazards and their associated health concerns. We offer recommendations and solutions for remediation where applicable along with a 30 minute follow up phone call to ensure you understand the contents of the report.

Tailored for you.

Bespoke Audits

We offer a range of Building Biology services tailored for your individual needs and wants. We also offer e-consults and phone consults Australia wide.

Services include (but not limited to):

  • Pre-purchase or pre-rental advice
  • Workplace or commercial audits
  • Childcare centre/school health checks
  • Healthy sleeping spaces
  • Toxins to avoid in household products (cookware, cleaning products, beauty products, personal care products, baby products & pesticides)

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